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domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

once upon a time

   Once upon a time, there was a girl whose heart was broken. She was once a sweet sensitive innocent girl, however, after being hurt over and over again by many people, she changed. She became a completely different person, someone she couldn't even recognize...a cold distant person, who, unlike before, rarely cried.
   She was always smiling and she used to pretend like everything was fine, like she wasn't feeling all those horrible things, like she wasn't dying inside...But she was. The truth is that deep down, she was really, really destroyed inside...feeling lonely, empty, desperate, without a purpose...she needed help, support, affection, but she would never ask for that and no one could notice that she needed it. The truth is, nobody could never understand what she was feeling, her feelings/thoughts were to complex to be understood. She had lost the only thing that kept her from thinking about those horrible things, the only thing that used to make her feel complete, the only thing that used to give her some comfort... It was gone for good. It wouldn't come back ever again. Because the only thing that used to keep her sane, was also the only thing that could tear her apart. And it did, over and over again. That's the reason why that was over forever. And thinking about "forever" without including in the same sentence that "thing that used to keep her sane" was too much pain to handle.
Bé Silvestre

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  1. maybe it was better that way, there is no forever, only a life to be lived, maybe you failed too, maybe if you had done more or done less you wouldn't lose that thing again, its hard to see you are a cold person because of someone who don't deserve you. But maybe you made an error too, anyway keep your head up and smile, that thing wants you to be happy not a cold person. Kiss's

    1. yes I made mistakes, but there's something I'm sure about, I've never failed to that person. anyway, be happy too, I mean it, bye


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