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domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

I miss you London...

    A year ago I was in London, living one of the best and happiest moments of my life! There’s so much to say about this trip, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find the right words… It was overwhelming, in a good way. I found myself trying to absorb every single thing around me and making the most of my time there. I don’t think I was ever that happy in my entire life! My heart could, honestly, explode of joy any second! London is a beautiful city with so much to see and explore! Plus, I had some of the best people in my life there with me. What more could I possibly ask for?!
    I truly fell in love with London and I created a special bond with the amazing people I went with. It was perfect; I loved every single second of this trip, except leaving, that was the hard part. I wish I could go back in time…Unfortunately, I can’t. But I’ll visit London again, hopefully, tons of times.

Bé Silvestre

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