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sábado, 10 de janeiro de 2015

a random story

   She kept trying to understand why… “why do I love him?”, “why him?”, “why do I keep giving him chances?”, she thought while she was finishing making coffee. But above all, “why would you do this to me, over and over again?”, “why would you make me feel so horrible?”… Although she never told him, the reasons why she always gave him chances were, first of all, the way he carried about her, his small and big gestures and second of all, and probably hard to understand, the way he always looked at her…so genuine, so pure, so authentic. Those little things made the love prevail. It was difficult for her to explain…maybe she was seeing things where they didn’t existed. People use to say that when we love someone, we can’t see things clearly. “It’s probably true…” she thought. She grabbed her coffee and went sitting next to the kitchen’s window, watching the storm, while drinking her coffee. What was so confusing about him was the fact that sometimes his acts showed love, other times, they showed he didn’t give a damn…what was she supposed to think? She didn’t know… The only thing that she was sure about was that such a big and lasting love couldn’t be fake…it just couldn’t. The truth is, she wouldn’t be able to deal with that.
   The storms always made her happy. She never realized why…Maybe because just like him, the storms made her feel alive. He had really no idea how she felt when she was with him…there was no time when she felt more complete and happy, or when her heart was fuller...He probably never noticed the shine on her eyes or her smile…It was all because of him...After so many years, he still gave her butterflies in her stomach and he didn’t even know it. It all sounds so “cliche”, but it was the purest truth. It was him. There was no substitute. There was nothing more comforting than his scent or his hugs. There was no one she ever felt better with. There was no one she trusted more.
   She got up and went to her bedroom. She opened her drawer and there were some pictures of them together, where they were hugging, laughing and really happy. Without him, she felt literally empty, incomplete, alone, it was like a huge part of her was missing…she couldn’t even explain it ... It was never the same without him. That feeling was, sometimes, so overwhelming and confuse…She was almost crying, so she closed the drawer and took a deep breath.
   “Love makes us so weak and vulnerable ...” she thought. In a certain way it takes care of our lifes. She wanted to stop overthinking. She just couldn’t handle all those thoughts. Unlike many people, she had the opinion that in life not everything depends on us, not even with regard to our own life and she knew that many people would say "we have full control of our lifes", but it was not as easy as people say it is. If it was that easy, she wouldn’t have feelings for him anymore, because she made an huge effort and it didn’t worked out. She went to the living room in order to watch a movie so that her thoughts would stop. The truth is, they didn’t really stop, but it helped a lot.

Bé Silvestre

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